Count Ziggenpuss is a character that has appeared in Noel Fielding's Luxury Comedy, Series 1. He is a singing fishfinger and arch-nemesis of Raymond Boombox.


Count Ziggenpuss is a criminal who is seemingly a master of theft. During 1983, he robs a diamond from a jewelry store on 42nd Street. It was meant to lure him, but Raymond Boombox was in a meatball coma, and missed him. He is shown to be a capable pilot, as he flies from his crime scenes. He always leaves behind his trademark at the crime scene, a single baked bean steaming on the end of a golden spoon.


Episode 5Edit

In Episode 5 he is seen in a flashback of sorts. The case was named the Toffee Apple Diamond Heist. During 1983, a diamond was being displayed in a jewelry shop window to lure him in. However, after Boombox slipped into a meatball coma he easily stole the diamond, leaving behind his trademark. He is last seen singing as he flies away with the diamond.


Series 1Edit

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